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Most secure, Cost-effective IT solution and services

Fintech Solutions and Services

We build adaptable Simplifies IT Services and IT Infrastructure.

Block Chain

Block chain is a type of database. A database is a collection of information that is stored electronically on a computer system.


Insurtech is a combination of the words “insurance” and “technology,” inspired by the term fintech.


Robo-advisors are able to automate investing strategies that optimize the ideal asset class weights in a portfolio for a given risk preference.

Payment Gateway

Payment gateway is a technology used by merchants to accept debit or credit card purchases from customers.


About Fintech

Fintech Bangladesh limited was founded in 2020. Our main specialization is creating comprehensive, innovative, and highly technological products and solutions for Fintech business. Fintech Bangladesh Limited uses modern technologies, development and testing tools, and advanced project execution and management methodologies. Fintech Bangladesh Limited team consists of professionals with over ten years of experience in implementing Fintech solutions & Services.

Why Fintech Bangladesh Limited

  • Deep Domain Knowledge
  • End-to-End offerings in mobility
  • Cloud and Mobile strategy for solutions
  • Enviable track record of successfully delivering all Projects

Our Core Values

Fintech Company Limited is to provide 'Excellence with Agility' for Fintech services sectors through IT solutions & services.


Conduct business fairly with honesty and transparency.


Constantly strive to achieve the highest possible level of performance.


Work cohesively with colleagues across the Company.


Have the ownership for the work and continue to be responsible.


Care, respect & compassion towards colleagues and customers.


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